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Sharing Hope SC Clinical Donation Coordinator - Columbia in Columbia, South Carolina

Clinical Donation Coordinator - Columbia

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Columbia - W. Columbia, SC

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Full Time

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Bachelor Degree

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Road Warrior

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Rotating Shift

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The Clinical Donation Coordinator (CDC I) responds to referrals of potential organ donors and is responsible for evaluating and setting the plan for medical management for optimal organ function to obtain and assure effective organ donation.


  • Responsible for traveling to the donor hospital within one hour of receiving information regarding the potential donor from the Administrator on Call(AOC).

  • Conducts thorough physical and medical assessments with information obtained from the hospital staff as well as the patient’s medical record.

  • Collaboratively works with the AOC and/or Medical Director to determine when the potential donor is not deemed suitable for organ donation.

  • Initiates standing orders and begins donor evaluation, management, organ placement, and recovery processes.

  • Enters all donor information into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

  • Keeps the AOC informed of any medical status changes, including abnormal lab values, hemodynamics, and diagnostic test results.

  • Conducts routine hospital development activities and professional education, when not involved in donor activity.

  • Accepts on-call responsibilities as assigned.

  • Prepares for on-call responsibilities with current recovery information and functioning recovery equipment, electronic medical record (EMR) access, hospital and ID badges.

  • Provides a prompt and professional response to all hospital referral calls in a manner consistent with policy and procedures.

  • Provides on-site clinical evaluation of all potential donors.

  • Under the direction of the AOC, helps to determine medical suitability for organ donation.

  • Acts as the professional resource on donation for the hospital staff.

  • Confirms brain death diagnosis aligns with hospital policy and all regulations.

  • Provides prompt and professional site evaluation of all potential donors. Obtains all relevant information required to make a comprehensive assessment of medical suitability for donation potential.

  • Determines the legal next-of-kin for a potential donor.

  • Completes all paper and electronic records per policy.

  • Ensures that all other donation related documentation, including, but not limited to documentation required to comply with hospital protocol are properly completed.

  • Identifies cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner.

  • Contacts the Coroner and obtain approval for organ and tissue donation as required. Notes and documents any restrictions or special requests of the Coroner. Ensures that all requests from the Coroner are completed.

  • Directs the clinical management of the donor. This includes ordering organ specific tests, evaluating those tests, and correcting any abnormalities that exist. This clinical management is performed under the guidance of the Medical Director. Documents all management activity completely and clearly in the donor record.

  • Allocates donated organs and tissues per SHSC and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) policies. Documents all allocation activity completely and clearly in the donor record.

  • Contacts the operating room (OR) to notify of upcoming organ and tissue recovery procedure. Ensures availability of an OR for recovery of organs and tissues. Confirms time of recovery with OR personnel.

  • Coordinates the surgical recovery of donated organs and tissues to include communication with all appropriate recovery teams and the confirmation of the availability of hospital operating rooms for recovery.

  • Oversees the recovery procedure, including OR donor management and personnel workflow, to ensure optimal organ viability and respect for the donor and their gifts. Assists with the surgical recovery of organs as required. Assists with the preparation and administration of preservation solutions and packaging of organs. Documents the physical characteristics of organs and all OR related processes.

  • Maintains detailed, complete, and accurate records of all donor referrals, donation discussions, donor management, organ allocation, and donor recovery as required through iTransplant.

  • Maintains current knowledge of all organ and tissue recovery policies and procedures. Adheres to the professional standards and practices for quality assurance as established within the organization.

  • Actively participates in post-donor review with peers, Manager(s) and Director(s).

  • Assists Hospital Development staff in hospital development activities.

  • Facilitates comprehensive huddles to help safeguard the donation process.

  • Actively contributes to the organization’s hospital development goals to increase donation.

  • Makes presentations to healthcare professionals and the general public regarding donation, as assigned.

  • Represents SHSC at exhibit booths at public displays as needed.

  • Serves as a resource to healthcare professionals and the public regarding organ and tissue donation.

  • Provides donor chart to all recovery partners and the medical examiners/coroners as required.

  • Informs the Coroner’s office when the donation is complete and the donor is ready for transport as required.

  • Routinely reviews email, voice mail, and all routine communication and correspondence.

  • Maintains all patient and organizational information factually, confidentially, and appropriately.

  • Ensures thorough and accurate completion of the donor charts in a timely manner, including completion of all forms according to policies and the organizations professional standards and practice.

  • Ensures all QA is completed timely.

  • Ensures all training assignments are completed on time.

  • Maintains in good working order all assigned equipment.

  • Maintains complete and accurate records of expenses, attendance, and daily calendar of business.

  • Submits timesheets documenting hours worked accurately according to policy.

  • Maintains proficiency with all pertinent office equipment.

  • Communicates effectively with his/her supervisor regarding daily schedule and activities.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • AS degree acquired through extensive and prolonged training in the biological sciences, paramedicine, allied health;

  • Two (2) years of experience in critical care and/or emergency care; or,

  • An equivalent combination or education and experience.

  • The Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC) certification is required after two years as a CDC I.