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Medical University of South Carolina UNIV - Postdoctoral Scholar - Anesthesia: Clinical Human Factors Research in Charleston, South Carolina

FLSA: Salaried

Job Summary: Healthcare systems create errors and inefficiencies through a complex mix of factors. The tasks required, theequipment used, the working environment, the team and pressures from the organization all contribute tofailure or success in any complex system. Human beings create safety by holding deficient systems together,and rather than signifying "negligence," adverse events are a symptom of deeper system problems. Puttinghumans at the center of developments in technology and treatments allows us to address the needs of ourproviders and patients, improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing overall well-being.

This post-doctoral role in clinical human factors will be a combination of research and clinicalm practice in theapplication of human factors knowledge and techniques within clinical settings. This position will be for up totwo years and will allow the post doctor fellow the education and clinical skill set development necessary tobecome independently clinically and research funded. The clinical focus will be on anesthesia practice andsurgerical care and those disciplines that directly support OR safety. The work will require collaboration with awide range of physicians, nurses, staff, administrators, other hospital employees and occasionally patients. Itwill also require collaboration with a broad range of academics, architects, technology or equipment vendors and any other stakeholders engaged in the design and implementation of clinical systems.

Job Duties:

  • 35% - • Applies human factors expertise and user-centered design principles to research and evaluation projects. • Conducts user trials, task analyses, interviews, stakeholder interactions, and direct observation of clinical work • Advocates for applies human factors considerations to root cause analysis and quality improvement projects. - (Essential)

  • 35% - • Keeps accurate and detailed records of experiments and results, and identifies and troubleshoots unexpected results. • Observes and complies with safety standards and procedures. • Works to develop and secure research funding. • Advocates and demonstrates the value of human factors considerations on multi-disciplinary teams of designers, engineers, clinicians, administrators, academics, architects, IT developers and other stakeholders. - (Essential)

  • 30% - • Works with a broad range of collaborators to deliver research in the area of human factors, patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare. • Identifies opportunities for publications and research funding. • Analyses and presents data, and prepares abstracts and manuscripts for dissemination. • Leads and collaborates on peer-reviewed journal submissions. • Works with clinicians, performance improvement, or safety specialists in the design of new, complex or unusual protocols and applies techniques to improve human performance and efficiency in surgery and other acute care situations. - (Essential)

Preferred Experience & Additional Skills: