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Job Information

Medical University of South Carolina MUHA AM57 - CHIEF, POST-ACUTE CARE SERVICES in Charleston, South Carolina

Entity/Organization: MUHA (Medical University Hospital Authority/Medical Center)

Hours per week: 40

Scheduled Work Hours/Shift: 830A-5P

Fair Labor Standards Act Status: Salaried

Job Summary/Purpose : Responsible for development and implementation of comprehensive post-acute strategy for the MUSC Health system. Creating an integrated network of owned, jointly owned, affiliated and preferred partnership post-acute providers with the goal of optimizing patient outcomes and operational efficiencies in both traditional FFS, and Value Based Payment models. Develop a unified, consistent approach to operationalize initiatives critical to the short and long-term strategies of MUSC Health. Responsible for providing overall leadership for all aspects of Post-Acute Services integration. Responsible for advising senior leadership regarding Post-Acute Services issues and opportunities and collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders. Collaborate with health system leadership in planning and execution of new enterprise initiatives including mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, start-up, formal, and informal partnership activities related to Post-Acute Services.

Minimum Training and Education: Master’s degree in relevant Clinical and Business or Health Administration with 10+ years of progressive healthcare management experience. Operational, Strategic and Business Development experience in both Acute and Post-Acute Healthcare spaces with organizations of comparable size.

Required Licensure, Certifications, Registrations:

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform job functions while standing. (Frequent) Ability to perform job functions while sitting. (Frequent) Ability to perform job functions while walking. (Frequent) Ability to climb stairs. (Infrequent) Ability to work indoors. (Continuous) Ability to work outdoors in all weather and temperature extremes. (Infrequent) Ability to work in confined/cramped spaces. (Infrequent) Ability to perform job functions from kneeling positions. (Infrequent) Ability to bend at the waist. (Infrequent) Ability to squat and perform job functions. (Infrequent) Ability to perform ‘pinching’ operations. (Infrequent) Ability to fully use both hands/arms. (Continuous) Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders. (Continuous) Ability to fully use both legs. (Continuous) Ability to reach in all directions. (Frequent) Possess good finger dexterity. (Continuous) Ability to lift and carry 15 lbs. unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to lift/lower objects 15 lbs. from/to floor from/to 36 inches unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to lift from 36 inches to overhead 15 lbs. (Infrequent) Ability to maintain 20/40 vision, corrected, in one eye or with both eyes. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects close at hand. (Continuous) Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Continuous) Ability to determine distance/relationship between objects; depth perception. (Continuous) Good peripheral vision capabilities. (Continuous) Ability to maintain hearing acuity, with correction. (Continuous) Ability to perform gross motor functions with frequent fine motor movements. (Continuous) Ability to work in a latex safe environment. (Continuous) Ability to deal effectively with stressful situations. (Frequent) Ability to maintain tactile sensory functions. (Continuous) *(Selected Positions) *Ability to maintain good olfactory sensory function. (Continuous) *(Selected Position) *Ability to be qualified physically for respirator use, initially and as required. (Continuous) (Selected Positions)